Violence Free Colorado Call for Bloggers: Share your thoughts; change the world!

Violence Free Colorado is excited to announce that we will be launching a blog in 2015. We are looking for guest and regular bloggers, and we want to hear from YOU.

“Why blog?” you ask. Here are just a few reasons: Because you have something to say. Because sharing your experiences will be helpful for others. Because you can commiserate joys and concerns in ways only those who have worked in the field can understand. Because in this field, silence is not an option. Need one more reason? Because it’s fun!

Whether you are a Violence Free Colorado member or not, we welcome you to apply: advocates, community members, survivors, students…you all have unique opinions and experiences, and we want to help you share them. No prior blogging or formal writing experience is required.

If you’re interested in writing for the Violence Free Colorado blog, please review the Violence Free Colorado Blog Vision/Guidelines and then email Amy (apohl(at), and be sure to include the following:

  • A brief (500 words of less) introduction of yourself and why are you interested in becoming a Violence Free Colorado blogger
  • A writing sample (1000 words or less) on ANY topic (you can use a piece you have written in the past or write something new…perhaps your first Violence Free Colorado blog!)
  • State whether you are interested in guest blogging or regular blogging*

We can’t wait to hear from you!

* Guest bloggers are only required to contribute intermittently. Regular bloggers are asked to contribute at least 1 post per month. Not all posts are immediately published.