Violence Free Colorado member programs in the news: read about some of the great work being done around the state of Colorado to create safer communities for us all!

Behind the scenes of Archuleta County Victim Assistance: “While many Pagosa area residents may have noticed the purple ribbon-clad lamp posts around town commemorating Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout October, many might not know the people who operate behind the scenes of the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program (ACVAP)”

Ending campus rape is a social justice movement (Op Ed): “I recently heard that today the Freshman 15 refers to the reality that a young woman going off to college is in the most danger of being sexually assaulted during the first 15 weeks on campus.”

Domestic violence: a societal problem requiring a societal response (Guest Commentary): “This partnership between our local law enforcement and RESPONSE illustrates several core values embodied in our community. Foremost is that our police agencies recognize the complexities of domestic abuse and the need for every survivor to have as few barriers as possible in receiving trauma-informed support.”