This is the final report of a statewide needs assessment in Colorado. In 2018, we conducted a needs assessment with two Colorado populations:

  • Adult domestic violence (DV) survivors who accessed DV-specific services, and
  • Staff, advocates, and volunteers who work at a DV-specific organization.

Three research questions guided the study:

  • What are the current training & technical assistance needs of DV advocates in Colorado?
  • What barriers do DV survivors encounter that make it difficult for them to access support, and how do they address these barriers?
  • In which areas are advocates already providing quality services? Which areas could use some improvement?

The project team was interested in the perspectives of both survivors and advocates. In addition, the goal was to develop and pilot a new survey that Violence Free Colorado could use after this project to collect trend data over time. This project ultimately included:

  • An online survey of DV survivors (in English and Spanish)
  • An online survey of DV organization staff, advocates, and volunteers

Data from these surveys, as well as recommended next steps are provided in the report.