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Introduction to LGBTQ Domestic Violence

This course begins with the basics of working with LGBTQ Survivors. It includes a discussion about terminology and the every-changing use of language. It provides an overview of domestic violence in LGBTQ relationships and a glimpse at the challenges Survivors face. It is not meant to cover every aspect of this topic and should not be the end of your attempts to learn more about issues specific to these Survivors.

Intimate Partner Stalking

This course looks at the definition and behaviors of intimate partner stalking. It includes a brief look at stalking statistics and the differences between stalking rates for male and female victims. Learners review how to complete a stalking incident log and when to use it.

Introduction to Cultural Competency

This course provides explores the meaning of culture and how culture impacts the interactions between domestic violence advocates and Survivors. It includes the definition of cultural competency and two of the ways it is explained visually. Learners are then challenged to consider their own level of cultural competency through reflective exercises. The course ends with suggestions on how to improve cultural competence and lists several resources to do so.

Historical Perspectives

Understanding the history of the Battered Women’s Movement is key to progress. Knowing our roots, and the path that got us to this point, enables us to think critically about the steps we must take to eradicate domestic violence.

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