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Survivors with Disabilities

This course is an introduction to working with Survivors with disabilities who have or are experiencing domestic violence. It is a broad overview which should lead to a basic understanding of working with Survivors with disabilities. The course provides an overview of the many community resources available to assist you and Survivors and prepares you to dig deeper into this area of your advocacy work.

Responding to Crisis and Talking about Suicide

In this course, you’ll explore the meaning of crisis and review strategies for helping Survivors who are in crisis. You’ll learn about talking with Survivors who have considered suicide as a way to deal with crisis. This course is not intended to be the only training you receive on these topics.

Introduction to the Civil Legal System

Many Survivors will interact with the civil legal system at some point. This course will explain your role to help Survivors understand and navigate through the civil legal system. You will also learn about roles of the professionals working in this system and how they may help Survivors.

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