Each year, Violence Free Colorado recognizes and promotes excellence in advocacy throughout Colorado.

Our new awards seek to uplift our organizational values that shape our work and propel us forward. To that end, we encourage you to honor community members by nominating them for one of the following awards:

Survivor Leader Award: recognizes an individual who has empowered themselves and others by taking action within their community to end gender-based violence. This person leans into discomfort to challenge the status quo and create meaningful change in their community.
Please consider the following:

  • This person is a direct survivor of or has been significantly impacted by gender-based violence
  • They have made a significant impact addressing violence and/or its root causes in their community
  • This person balances their work with genuine healing, and leads in this value by example for others

Visionary Advocate Award: recognizes an individual or organization that demonstrates a deep understanding of the root causes of violence, promotes autonomy and self-empowerment, and engages with a spirit of reciprocity and mutuality in interactions with survivors and community partners alike. This person uses innovative practices to provide exceptional advocacy to promote healing and thriving.
Please consider the following:

  • They demonstrate commitment to addressing both the immediate needs of survivors and the long term well-being of their community
  • They see survivors as individuals with diverse and varied needs, centering each survivor in their own path to safety, healing, and thriving
  • They balance their work with genuine healing, and leads in this value by example for others.

Community Activist Award: recognizes an individual or organization that inspires solidarity among those coming together to address violence and oppression. By taking risks, leading boldly, and embracing nontraditional strategies, they work to change systems and/or policies and practices to increase justice for all communities, creating positive change and promoting social justice throughout their communities.
Please consider the following:

  • This person/organization has developed and/or implemented innovative programming, practices, or policy related to gender inequities
  • They embrace differences and unite together in coalition
  • They have taken meaningful steps to shift power so underrepresented voices are at the center of a specific policy, program, or practice
  • This person or organization does not have to be specifically related to a domestic violence organization. This award can also go to a team, a project, or other group that has come together in community activism.

Award winners will be decided in April-May of each year, and awards are  presented at the Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference in June of each year.