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We are now Violence Free Colorado

In honor of our 40th year, we are transitioning from CCADV to Violence Free Colorado, a name that reflects the future we are dedicated to building. We will continue to make updates to our website as we transition to our new name... stay tuned!

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New Online Learning Center Courses Available!

Check out Violence Free Colorado’s newest OLC Courses: Introduction to LGBTQ Domestic Violence This course begins with the basics of working with LGBTQ Survivors. It includes a discussion about terminology and the every-changing use of language. It provides an overview of domestic violence in LGBTQ relationships and a glimpse at the challenges Survivors face. It is not meant to cover every aspect of this topic and should not be the end of your attempts to

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New Online Learning Center Course Available!

Check out Violence Free Colorado's newest OLC Course: Understanding Public Benefits Description: Advocates often find themselves working with Survivors who may want to apply for, or are already receiving, public benefits. The process of applying for public benefits can be overwhelming and advocates can do much to support Survivors through the experience. This course provides a broad overview of public benefits and can serve as a guide for advocates. The more advocates can learn about

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Courage. Compassion. Commitment.

A message from Violence Free Colorado's Executive Director as we look back on 2017: "This year has brought incredible challenges to our communities and country, and as advocates, we are made for these times. In these times of great struggle, we remain a collective movement that values respect, equity and fairness, social change activism, inclusion, accountability and transparency, love and compassion, diversity, community, empowerment, self-determination, and hope and optimism." Read more...

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Domestic Violence and the Holidays

The Question: Does domestic violence increase during the winter holiday season(the time period beginning the week of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day)? The Answer: No The holidays can be stressful, but domestic violence is not caused by stress. It is caused by the choice of one partner to control and dominate the other.

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Our New Housing Newsletter

Check out the first edition of Violence Free Colorado's NEW monthly housing newsletter! Violence Free Colorado is offering a once-a-month newsletter dedicated to housing. There are continual stories, trainings, webinars, and opportunities every month, and we want to ensure that all our member programs and community partners receive the information. This month, we spotlight Ensuring Freedom at Bright Future Foundation​.

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Save the Date for #LEAD2018: February 12th

          Says Lydia Waligorski, Violence Free Colorado’s Public Policy Director, “The LEAD event is an opportunity for citizens to share with their legislators how domestic and sexual violence impacts their communities. We are excited to create this opportunity for survivors and advocates to tell their stories and engage with their elected officials. Their voices are too often silenced, and it’s time to listen.” Participants will help to educate legislators on issues

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Schedule your CGD donation starting Nov 1st!

Violence Free Colorado is proud to participate in Colorado Gives Day! Colorado Gives Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Colorado Gives Day takes place during a 24-hour period on December (12.5.17), and starting on 11.1.17, you can schedule your Colorado Gives Day donations in advance. Donations will be accepted through ColoradoGives.org, with a goal to inspire and unite Coloradans in supporting local nonprofits.

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Violence Free Colorado’s Statement following the events in Charlottesville

Violence Free Colorado Board and Staff stand with the community of Charlottesville, VA, the people of Guam, and others across our nation and the world who experience violence, hate, and discrimination on a daily basis. We work to dismantle systems that promote, support, or tolerate oppression. Gender based violence is rooted in oppression. We will end domestic and sexual violence only by creating equity for all. In the words of Audre Lorde, “There is no