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How does culture perpetuate violence among women?

By Abha Violence Free Colorado Blogger The rich culture and heritage unique to the South Asian community is often celebrated. With deep values imbibed in our ancient learnings, the culture continues to grow and dominate not one but many spheres of our daily lives. In regions where women are celebrated as being pious, I am left shaken when stories about them being subjected to constant familial violence make the news. Belonging to an Indian descent,

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When We Misuse the Word ‘Stalking’

Written 2016, Updated Jan. 2021 For more than a decade, January has been recognized as National Stalking Awareness Month. Let’s start with some facts: 76% of domestic violence homicide victims were first stalked by their partner 1 in 8 employed stalking victims lose time from work as a result of their victimization and more than half lose 5 days of work or more 1 in 7 stalking victims has been forced to move because of

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Top 10 ways to Help a Women’s Shelter in 2016

Top 10 ways to Help a Women’s Shelter in 2016 by Wendy Violence Free Colorado Blogger As the former director of a small women’s shelter, I know that the holidays stir our need to be give and be generous with families who are struggling. Now that Christmas has passed, people are cleaning out the old to make room for all their new gifts, and wondering… what shall I do with all my used, but good

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Domestic Violence and the Holidays

By Abha Violence Free Colorado Blogger Our first audio Blog! Listen as Abha describes how it can be difficult for some immigrant DV victims to enjoy the holidays in the United States. Some of her insights may surprise you...

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My own home scares me

My own home scares me. By Abha Violence Free Colorado Blogger Homelessness continues to be a cause of increasing concern among women who experience domestic violence. It is said that, “92% of homeless mothers were victims of sexual assault.” There have been horrifying stories of women being forced to flee their houses in fear of being hit or abused. The story worsens with certain sections of immigrant women who face abuse. Many a times, it

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A Place to Call Home

By Amy Pohl Violence Free Colorado Staff and Blogger November is Homelessness Awareness Month, and with the cold weather moving into Colorado, there is no better time to be thinking about how we can better address the issue of homelessness in our communities. The issues of domestic violence and homelessness are inextricably linked. Domestic violence is a primary cause of homelessness for women and children. A staggering 92 percent of women who are homeless report having

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I forgive everyone who stood in my way!

I forgive everyone who stood in my way! By Abha Violence Free Colorado Blogger Disclaimer: This is not my story but is the story of several women who continue to be suppressed till date in the traditional Indian household This is not me speaking; this is what many oppressed Indian women in many traditional Indian households face each day. It is their story. The “traditional Indian household” may seem completely normal to many, but the

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Lost Freedom

by Heather Violence Free Colorado Blogger Freedom. A word that means so much to our country. Our military fights for it every day for our sake. We stand proud that we live here. Yes, it is the land of the free, yet, if you look closely, many people don't have it. Some of you might be saying, "Yeah right! We live in America!" Victims of domestic violence don't have any freedom. They are being watched

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The Oppression of One, Is the Oppression of All

(Note from Violence Free Colorado: The Founding Fathers we celebrate each July began a movement and helped create America. The Founding Mothers of the feminist movement created safe places for women and children to explore a life lived without violence. They wrote essays and articles, and spoke out in consciousness raising groups. They organized, and they eventually  opened doors. They opened the doors of shelters, and they opened doors of opportunity for all of us who follow. This month, we celebrate

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Am I a Lost Identity?

By Abha Violence Free Colorado Blogger Disclaimer: This is not one woman’s story, but thousands of women’s stories. Using first person narrative, the reader is brought into the situation. I grew up dreaming about finding my best friend in my partner. I was 19 and I started receiving compliments. My neighbors told me, “You are so pretty, a true Indian beauty and a legend.” I felt on top of the world. The number of compliments