Host a Film Screening: Media Literacy at Home

What better way to spend a weekend night than by getting together with friends and family, popping some popcorn, and watching a movie? And just think, you can raise awareness about domestic violence at the same time! It’s EASY AND FUN!  Check out the info-graphic.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pick a night to host a movie night (invite some friends, snuggle in with your family, host a slumber party for your tween, etc.) and spread the word.

2. Pick a movie to show. You can choose ANY film that has at least one romantic relationship in it. Check out our At Home Kit sample for the movie “Stuck in Love”!

3. On the night of your party, enjoy watching the film. Take some pictures and let us know how much fun you’re having (post them on Violence Free Colorado’s Facebook page and use #MessagesInMotion). After the movie, consider the following discussion question and tell us what you think (tweet highlights from your discussions or other questions on Violence Free Colorado’s Twitter feed and use #MessagesInMotion):

  • As a viewer, did you identify any warning signs of unhealthy relationships throughout the film? (Not sure what unhealthy relationship behaviors are? Check out these Red Flags to help guide your discussion)

  • How does Hollywood influence our perceptions about what the “norm” is in a relationship? Are unhealthy relationship behaviors in this film portrayed as romantic or desirable?

  • If you could rewrite one scene or relationship in the film, what would you do differently? Think about replacing unhealthy relationship behaviors with healthy ones. What outcomes change? (Check out these Signs of a Healthy Relationship list to help guide your discussion)

  • What do you think was overall message was the writer/director was intending to send by telling this story?


Some Violence Free Colorado member programs watched the film, “Stuck in Love,” and have put together a sample screening party kit to help guide you. (Warning…Spoiler alert!)


1. Pick a night to host a movie night (invite some friends, snuggle in with your family, host a slumber party for your tween, etc.) and spread the word.

Sample social media posts to get the word out:

*Join me on October 11 at 7pm to watch “Stuck in Love.” We’ll raise awareness about DVAM as we decipher the #MessagesInMotion. 

*Watching Stuck In Love for @Violence Free Colorado1’s #MessagesInMotion Home Film Screening tonight!

2. After the movie, consider the following discussion questions:

  • Let’s talk about Bill’s stalking…Why is it “ok”, based on how it’s portrayed in the film? If you were Erica or one of the other characters who witnessed the stalking, how would you handle it? What would you say to Bill? To Erica?
  • What are the warning signs that Kate’s boyfriend (before Rusty) is abusive?
  • Why did the Director/Writer depict a scene where Bill was not interested in sex with Tricia? What message does this send about traditional views of masculinity and sexuality?
  • Were there any healthy relationships depicted in this movie? If so, talk about why.
  • Talk about the “keeping score” idea that seems to alleviate Erica’s cheating repercussions. Reflect on how this information influenced the movie as a whole.
  • What does the “happy” ending say to society about relationships? Do you agree?
  • This film is categorized most frequently as a “romantic comedy,” do you feel that’s appropriate?

3.  Tell us what you think! Post highlights from your discussions or other questions on Violence Free Colorado’s Facebook page and use #MessagesInMotion

Sample social media posts:

*Watching Stuck in Love for DVAM. We’ll keep you posted on our analysis of the #MessagesInMotion (include a pic of you and your friends!)

*No, stalking is not like watching your favorite sitcom actor be replaced by someone else on the show… I get that Bill, Stuck In Love, is supposed to be a writer, but seriously that was a demeaning analogy. Stalking should not be made trivial. #MessagesInMotion

*Watching Stuck in Love…Bill clearly does not want to have sex with Tricia. This sends the messages, “Men have sex because they can, even when they don’t want to,” and “Women can ignore their partner’s needs because men always want sex.” #MessagesInMotion

*The fact that Bill cheated before Erica suddenly makes it all okay? #MessagesInMotion

*Bill showing he still loves Erica by stalking? Not ok! #MessagesInMotion