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Human trafficking is an issue that we are growing in awareness around; however, domestic and sexual violence advocates have been serving trafficking survivors long before the current focus on the issue has become en vogue. The victimization of trafficking survivors, both labor and sex, co-occur with the sexual, physical and/ or emotional violence experienced by domestic and sexual violence survivors. Traffickers are often romantic partners, family members or caretakers and utilize the same tactics as domestic and sexual abusers to main power and control. Unfortunately, information about trafficking and resources for trafficking survivors has often not been disseminated to those doing working in domestic and sexual violence.

Join Michele Reimer, Human Trafficking Program Manager for COVA, for a presentation that explores the intersections of human trafficking, domestic and sexual violence. Attendees will learn how trafficking is defined by the federal government, red flags for human trafficking among those receiving services for domestic and sexual violence and what advocacy support and additional resources may be offered to the human trafficking survivors you serve.

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