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Ever wanted to change the world but felt like the challenge was just too great? Many of the online tools that we use in our work and personal, everyday lives can be harnessed to create effective, long-lasting change. Many scoff at the use of online petitions, hashtags, and other new media tools for activism, but if properly used they are invaluable tools for the average citizen and organizations seeking social justice. During the workshop we’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of several online tools and how to use that information to create a strategy for harnessing social change.

Please bring your own technology (laptop preferable, but tablet and/or smartphone is OK)!

About the Presenter: Wagatwe Wanjuki is an activist and writer who started blogging about feminism and the campus rape culture as a student at Tufts University. Since then, she’s continued to focus her work on using new media to advance social change on such issues as ending campus sexual violence. As a digital strategist she has worked on progressive causes for over five years with various organizations including ColorOfChange, Free Press, and RH Reality Check. She is the founder of F— Yeah Feminists, one of the first and most popular feminist blogs on Tumblr.



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