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Safe Shelter’s 2017 Symposium will present an innovative day and one-half of performances, awareness-raising and skill-building with the intent to shift cultural norms.

The event will offer value to young adults and those who educate and work with youth, their parents, advocates and other service providers, community visionaries and faith leaders, lawyers and law officers. Featured presenters include Men Can Stop Rape and Ben Atherton-Zeman, spokesman and international presenter/performer.

Day I. An evening performance

“Voices of Men” uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions that educate audiences about sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. Warning: Sensitive topics will be addressed.

Day II. Effective programs, cultural insights, and practical training

Shifting cultural norms requires understanding nuances and learning practical applications. Workshops on Day II will explore how to build alliances, gain awareness of the cultural and media messages around us, and develop the skills necessary to launch various effective community programs for your organization or school. There will be practical content for a variety of professional and community audiences.

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