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Through this case study and testimony, speaker Anna Nasset walks first responders, victim service providers, and legal offices through the step by step process a victim goes through on their road to justice. Having been a victim/survivor of stalking for over a decade Anna has been working with advocates, law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, and more since 2011 to find justice and peace. With the historic 2019 conviction (felony aggravated stalking and felony cyberstalking) and sentencing (10 years – one of the longest sentences for stalking in our nation’s history) of the man who stalked her, Anna is able to guide listeners on best practices. Anna shares her views on the dos and don’ts when dealing with victims of crime, how to empower and give them agency in the process, and the importance of meeting victims where they are at. She uses actual court documents and evidence, statistics, and data of other victims, language from the team that found her justice, and her victim impact statement to educate. While Anna’s case is for the crime of stalking, the knowledge and approach she puts forth can be taken into working with any victim of crime – leading to empathic and empowering results. Walking away from this session participants will have a better understanding and skill set to walk a victim/survivor through the process with resiliency so that the individual can move toward recovery.


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