Yes, men are sometimes the victim of domestic violence. Male victims also receive free and confidential advocacy and support through domestic violence programs around the state.

Abuse stems from choices not biology. However, because of gender socialization, men are much more likely to engage in violence and controlling behavior. Most of the people who seek services at DV programs are women who are being abused by men, and in fact, domestic violence an epidemic health concern for women. The number one risk factor for being abused is being female, and one in four women will be the victim of domestic violence at some point in her lifetime (1). Furthermore, women are more likely to be seriously injured by a partner and women are 10x more likely than men to be murdered by a partner.

1. U.S. Department of Justice. (1998). Violence by Intimates: Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends