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Kick Off Event in Denver
At Home Film Screening Kit
Display Posters
Awareness through Social Media

Thank you to those who joined us at our DVAM Kickoff Event on October 6, 2014! 

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DVAM Display Posters

Download and print these DVAM awareness posters. The QR code links to this website page so viewers can connect directly to this year’s DVAM activities and events.

Download Poster 1 PDF

Download Poster 2 PDF

Download Poster 3 PDF

Art and Awareness

shine a light

 Lights! Camera! Action!

How will YOU shine the light on domestic violence?

We encourage you to participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014 by creating a message to shine a light on domestic violence.

Mireya art piece    Here’s how to do it:

1. Create your statement (use the ideas below for inspiration). Download this worksheet, or write it on any old piece of paper, on a chalkboard, in the snow, or….WHEREVER! And then snap a pic.

2. Post your statement (in a picture with you or on it’s own) on Violence Free Colorado’s Facebook page, on Instagram @ccadv1 (don’t forget to tag us!), or email them to apohl(at)

purple-ribbon Be sure to use #MessagesInMotion

3. Once you’ve posted your statement, encourage your friends to step into the spotlight and do the same. Use one of  these sample Facebook post:

  •  Help Shine a Light on Domestic Violence by posting your own #MessageInMotion! Find our more at
  • “Help me set the message in motion…Change your profile picture to a purple ribbon to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month!”

We’ll be collecting your statements throughout the month of October. 

Questions to consider in creating your shining light statement:

Michelle art piece  *What do you want people to know or understand about domestic violence?

*Have you had an experience with domestic violence you would like to share?   art piece just message

Yisel art piece  *What is a compelling statistic you’ve seen about DV?

*What is a healthy relationship behavior that is important to you?   Amy art piece

Wanna Do More?

1. Consider this journaling exercise.

Do it on your own or in your support group.

Questions to consider writing about:

*What was the final cut that led you to leave your relationship?

*What is the next scene in your story?

*What would the movie title of your life be? Then, what is your movie poster tag line?

*Who is the hero or heroine in your story?

*What does your happy ending look like and feel like?


2. Change your FB profile picture to a purple ribbon.  Encourage your friends to do the same!