When survivors need help dealing with the abuse and moving forward in their lives

Local Domestic Violence Organizations provide hotlines, free and confidential advocacy, safety planning, emergency shelter, counseling, legal and medical advocacy, and other free and confidential services for survivors and their children.

Your Statewide Coalition (Violence Free Colorado) collects, promotes, and provides training and technical assistance to local domestic violence organizations on providing quality services for survivors of domestic violence, represents them with funders and lawmakers, works to secure state and federal funding, and advocates for the safety, empowerment, and well-being of survivors.

When survivors and their children need a safe place to live

Local Domestic Violence Organizations offer emergency shelter, long-term transitional housing, and/or assistance in securing permanent housing.

Violence Free Colorado advocates for housing laws and public policies that protect victims and prevent landlords from discriminating against them.

When survivors need legal protections and options

Local Domestic Violence Organizations accompany survivors to court, help them apply for protection orders, assist in navigating the legal system, and connect to legal representation, governmental, and other human service systems.

Violence Free Colorado advocates for survivors in legislative and other systems for improvements to laws, policies, and procedures, and collaborates with local domestic violence organizations to monitor how these laws and policies are enforced.

When survivors need the intervention of police, prosecutors, and judges

Local Domestic Violence Organizations educate these and other professionals about the dangers and obstacles facing domestic violence survivors and promote a coordinated community response model to improve system responses to domestic violence.

Violence Free Colorado works with law enforcement, courts and the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board at the statewide level, participating on various working committees to advocate for broader system change, partnering with state officials to effectively coordinate Colorado’s response to domestic violence.

Because we all need to live in a society that no longer tolerates domestic abuse

Local Domestic Violence Organizations deliver school-based education and community-wide prevention presentations on domestic violence and healthy relationships, speak out against all forms of oppression, provide empowerment-based services, serve as expert resources on the dangers and effects of domestic violence for the local media, offer opportunities for volunteerism, and educate friends, family and co-workers on what they can do to help prevent domestic violence.

Violence Free Colorado advocates for system change, motivates people to work toward social change, engages communities at a statewide level in solutions, holds the vision for a violence free society, and works to Inspire Colorado to End Domestic Violence.

* Local Domestic Violence Organizations will vary in the services they provide. However, all should provide access to free and confidential advocacy and a local or national hotline.