Violence Free Colorado has three levels of membership eligibility:

Domestic Violence Program: an agency or organization which holds a 501.c.3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service or is a Tribe or a Tribal Program; provides direct crisis intervention and advocacy services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking; whose advocates are subject to the provision of the victim advocate privilege statute CRS 13-90-107 (1)(K), and that supports the vision, mission and values of the Coalition.
Community Partner: agency or organization that works directly or indirectly with victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking and/or are working to reduce domestic violence through education, public policy or social change, and supports the mission, vision and values of the Coalition, but does not meet the qualifications of a Domestic Violence Program.
Individuals: individual persons who support the mission, vision and values of the Coalition and who wish to be affiliated with those addressing issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking.

Students: individual persons who are students and who support the mission, vision and values of the Coalition and who wish to be affiliated with those addressing issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking.

Membership benefits include:

strong statewide voice for legislation and public policy that improves safety and options for victims of domestic violence
Systems advocacy to improve institutional response to domestic violence
The annual Colorado Advocacy In Action conference  which brings in local and national trainers and facilitators

  • Lodging, travel and registration scholarships are available for Domestic Violence Program members first (to the extent of budgeted funds).
    • DV programs receive 1 night’s lodging/program for each night of the conference
  • Registration at a reduced rate for Violence Free Colorado members in all categories
    • 50% savings on early registration
Eligibility for participation in Coalition funded special projects such as the Rural Coordinated Community Response Team Project, the Rural Latin@ Outreach Project, and the Trauma-Informed Care Learning Groups
Additional training opportunities available throughout the year for all member categories

  • Any available travel, room and registration reimbursement/scholarships are available for Domestic Violence Program members first.
Specialized member outreach visits, providing customized training and Technical Assistance for staff and board

  • There is no cost to Domestic Violence Program members for these services.  Community partners and individual members pay a reduced rate.
Opportunity for networking, support and sharing expertise with colleagues from across the state through regional meetings, regular updates and correspondence

  • Members also have access to all Violence Free Colorado listservs (directors, region, legislative, and full membership lists), a convenient member to member communication tool throughout the year.
Violence Free Colorado Website resources

  • Online resource library
  • Ability to post or look for job openings across the state on the Violence Free Colorado website
  • Members Only section of the website which includes a myriad of resources, training materials, online on-demand training courses available to all Violence Free Colorado membership
  • Donations: the new website has an opportunity for visitors to the site to connect directly to local Domestic Violence Program members to make donations.
Violence Free Colorado is involved in various taskforces, committees and boards on behalf of our members to bring the voice of victims/survivors of domestic violence to the table (DVOMB, Adult and Child Fatality Review Committees, Legislative rule development, community and system groups that address children/youth issues, Statewide DV prevention committee, DVP, etc.).
Involvement in national research
DV Program members are eligible for national vision and dental plans for their employees.

  • The Ameritas Dental Edge Plus A and B and the Ameritas Vision Plan are available through NNEDV to DV member programs of state DV coalitions.

Training and technical assistance is available through Violence Free Colorado. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Organizational Management
    • Working with Boards/policies/board models
    • Policies
    • Program Development
    • Human Resources
    • Direct Services
      • Culturally sensitive services
      • Offenders as parents and impact of DV on children
      • Children’s advocacy
      • Teen/Youth Advocacy and programming
      • Community-based programming
      • Survivor-defined advocacy
      • Core advocacy
      • Trauma-informed care
      • Substance abuse and mental health
      • Domestic violence and child welfare
      • Public policy
      • Systems advocacy
      • Confidentiality
      • Mandatory reporting for medical professionals
      • Coordinated community response

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact for assistance.

To be a member you must pay for the level of membership at which you qualify. Domestic Violence Programs will only be accepted for membership at the Domestic Violence Program level.

There are limited scholarships available for Domestic Violence Programs for whom full Violence Free Colorado dues present a financial hardship. Please contact Violence Free Colorado for information (membership(at)

The annual cost of membership for Domestic Violence Programs is 0.3% of your domestic violence program budget and is capped at $1,000. (.003 x DV program expense budget).

Domestic Violence Programs

$1000annual max (.3% of DV program budget)

Community Partners Membership


Individual Supporter Membership


Student Membership


We distinguish professional training (presentations for professionals doing victim service or related work) from community education presentations. Violence Free Colorado does not charge for community education, but availability for these presentations depends on staff and Coalition capacity. To request a training or community education presentation, click here.

Program Notes Cost to DV Program Members Cost to Community Partner and Individual Members Cost to Non-members
Annual Conference DV Program Members receive 1 room per program for each night of the conference

Early registration $150

Regular $200

Late $250

   Early registration $150

       Regular $200

       Late $250

Early registration $275

Regular $325

Late $375

Training For professional groups in victim services or related work No cost

      Community     Partner: No cost  for up to 4  trainings/yr.

     Individual: No     cost for 1 training/yr.

$75/hr. for development and presentation (plus mileage and other travel costs if needed)
Additional trainings at reduced fee
Technical Assistance No cost No cost Most TA is available at no cost. For more in-depth TA, there may be a cost. Please contact Violence Free Colorado with your TA request.
Webinars No cost No cost $35/module/person
Online Learning Center Courses No cost No cost $50/course/individual
With CEs Cost added to that of the webinar/training; same cost for all regardless of membership Depends on number of credits Depends on number of credits Depends on number of credits
Print Materials   No cost No cost Cost varies by document

* All services are based on staff availability and Coalition capacity.
** The above fee schedule and benefits may be altered by Violence Free Colorado from time to time.