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OCSAP is a non-profit organization based in Ouray County.

About Us

OCSAP is a non-profit organization based in Ouray County, Colorado, established in January 2023 and registered as a 501(c)(3) entity. The mission of OCSAP’s Board is to build the organization’s capacity to support and empower individuals impacted by sexual assault and/or intimate partner violence through intervention and supportive services. OCSAP seeks to promote safe and respectful relationships by raising community awareness and offering educational resources.

Position Overview

The ED is responsible for leading the organization to accomplish its mission. Raise funds to enable the initial part-time contract position to become full-time employment, and build the organization, infrastructure, and network to full scope. Inspire the crew and allies to excel in operations and results, making OCSAP an invaluable resource for the community.

Supervision Received

Reports to the President of the OCSAP Board of Directors (BoD) and is responsive to BoD direction. Performance evaluation to defined objectives quarterly for the first year. Application finalists will undergo a background check before beginning work.

Supervision Exercised

Provides direction, coordination, and supervision to OCSAP volunteers, and eventual staff.

Specific Responsibilities, Year 1 – stand the support and advocacy program up

●Provide direct support to clients including: facilitating access to medical services, assistance navigating the legal system, social forces, financial assistance, therapy, and other needed services.
●Recruit, train, and deploy volunteers to expand services availability.
●Coordinate with relevant organizations and agencies, e.g., hotline collaboration with Hilltop, work with Law Enforcement Victim Advocate, SANE program staff at Montrose Regional Health, etc.
●In coordination with the BoD, develop objectives, programs, and code of ethics/core values to achieve the mission.
●Develop funding sources and establish budget to support position, staff, and infrastructure for scope.

●Put administrative infrastructure in place (IT systems, management tools, tracking/reporting systems).

Specific Responsibilities, Ongoing – maximize positive impact in the community

●Transition direct support of clients away from ED to volunteers or staff
●Define long-term strategies, programs, and human interactions with BoD guidance
●Refine systems for confidential case management, generalized data analysis and reporting.
●Attend and report progress at monthly BoD meetings, implementing Bod feedback and policies.

●Develop and expand community outreach efforts and public education programs.
●Define and obtain BoD approval for a general fund to provide financial support for affected individuals.

Education, Experience, and skills

●ED must provide basic support and advocacy services directly to clients until the organization can provision expanded services with volunteers and employees.

●Experience in community-based advocacy programs including direct support of clients.
●Experience managing volunteers and employees.
●Experience setting up new systems, programs, or organizations
●Ability to address language and cultural challenges to provide outstanding services to people from many different backgrounds in profound need with authentic empathy.
●Other tasks as needs of the organization evolve, or as assigned by the BoD.

Work Environment

The ED will need to work primarily from home to start. A meeting space in Ouray County is available for private meetings with clients.

Please submit a resume, and a brief narrative about your interest in the position, and relevant experience and education to:

To apply for this job email your details to