What is a Coalition?

Coalitions are organized groups of people who have come together for the purpose of accomplishing a goal that is common to all parties involved. Due to the fluid nature of coalitions, it is possible for individuals, organizations that share a common mission, and other affiliated organizations to participate within a coalition, while still maintaining their own separate identity. A coalition or alliance may be formed to address matters of common concern to some sector of the community. A local, state or national coalition may focus on improvements within the community. The coalition is a great way for allies from many different backgrounds to come together and work toward the realization of a common cause.

Why join a Coalition?

A coalition of organizations can win on more fronts than a single organization working alone and increase the potential for success.

A coalition can bring more expertise and resources to bear on complex  issues, where the technical or personnel resources of one organization would not be sufficient.

A coalition can develop new leaders.  The new, emerging leadership strengthens the membership organizations and the work of the coalition.

A coalition will increase the impact of each organization’s effort. Involvement in a coalition means there are more people who have a better understanding of your issues and more people advocating for your side.

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A coalition can increase available resources.  Not only will physical and financial resources be increased, but each member will gain access to the contacts, connections, and relationships established by other members.

The activities of a coalition are likely to receive more media attention than those of any individual organization – highlighting the work of the coalition and its member organizations.

Levels of Membership

Beginning with all 2014 memberships, Violence Free Colorado will have 3 levels of membership eligibility:

  1. 1. Domestic Violence Program: an agency or organization which holds a 501.c.3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service; providescomprehensive services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking, whose advocates are subject to the provision of the victim advocate privilege statute CRS 13-90-107 (1)(K), and who supports the mission, vision and values of the Coalition.
  1. Community Partner: agency or organization that works directly or indirectly with victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking and/or are working to reduce domestic violence through education, public policy or social change, and supports the mission, vision and values of the Coalition, but does not meet the qualifications of a Domestic Violence Program.
  2. Individuals: Individual persons who support the mission, vision and values of the Coalition and who wish to be affiliated with those addressing issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and/or stalking.

Membership Dues:

To be a member you must pay for the level of membership at which you qualify.  Domestic Violence Programs will only be accepted for membership at the Domestic Violence Program level.  There are limited scholarships available for Domestic Violence Programs for whom full Violence Free Colorado dues present a financial hardship.  Please contact Violence Free Colorado’s executive director for information (ewallace(at)violencefreeco.org).

  • The annual cost of membership for Domestic Violence Programs is .3% of your domestic violence program expenses and is capped at $1,000.  (.003 x DV program expense budget).
  • The cost of membership for Community Partners is $250 annually.
  • The cost of membership for individuals is $100 annually