Starting this week, Violence Free Colorado will post a weekly news update containing a few news stories from Colorado and beyond featuring issues related to gender-based violence. By presenting highlights from the week’s news in this format, we hope to make it easier to keep up with the news stories from around the country AND increase media literacy.  “What is media literacy?,” you ask. Great question! Check out this handy resource or visit Violence Free Colorado’s media literacy page.


Week in Review

HUD to Implement Expanded Protections for Survivors of DV: The VAWA 2013 reauthorization expanded legal protections to nearly all HUD programs. HUD is committed to helping survivors of domestic violence through access to safe and affordable housing, and to enforcing laws that prevent landlords from discriminating against these survivors.

The Debate about Campus Rape Investigations: FratPAC, is lobbying Congress to make it harder for colleges to investigate rape allegations
Violence Free Colorado says, “Do we really want to make it HARDER? No!”

Biden Talks About Rape Kit Initiative: “Testing rape kits should be an absolute priority for the United States,” he says.