Introduced this past month, Violence Free Colorado will now post a weekly news update containing a few news stories from Colorado and beyond featuring issues related to gender-based violence. By presenting highlights from the week’s news in this format, we hope to make it easier to keep up with the news stories from around the country AND increase media literacy.  “What is media literacy?,” you ask. Great question! Check out this handy resource or visit Violence Free Colorado’s media literacy page.

Domestic Violence Group Asks NASCAR to Take Tougher Stance: Kim Gandy, NNEDV president and CEO, wrote to NASCAR chairman Brian France this week and expressed her “deep concern regarding your organization’s position on domestic violence.”

Food Truck Owner Changes Menu’s Domestic Violence ‘Joke’ He Still Thinks Is Funny: “Trivializing domestic violence may also make victims believe they won’t be taken seriously by outsiders, possibly discouraging them from seeking help.”

Ravens owner: NFL ‘pretty stupid’ not to have domestic violence policy: Hopefully the NFL and the Ravens will use the lesson learned from the last year to do whatever’s possible to prevent future incidents through a stronger, tougher policy on domestic violence.
Violence Free Colorado says, “Hopefully other employers will also learn from the NFL and adopt domestic violence policies that promote survivor safety and offender accountability.”