Welcome to Violence Free Colorado’s weekly news update containing a few news stories from Colorado and beyond featuring issues related to gender-based violence. By presenting highlights from the week’s news in this format, we hope to make it easier to keep up with the news stories from around the country AND increase media literacy.  “What is media literacy?,” you ask. Great question! Check out this handy resource or visit Violence Free Colorado’s media literacy page.


Google Maps Accused Of Revealing Secret Locations Of Domestic Violence Shelters: When you’re trying to find a restaurant or track down the address of an old friend, Google Maps is an undeniably useful service, but what about for people who don’t want to be found? That’s the situation at domestic violence shelters across the United States that keep their locations confidential to protect victims from their abusers.

NNEDV Disappointed in Supreme Court Opinion, though Hopeful the Lower Court Will Hold Abuser Accountable for Online Threats: Given that the Supreme Court has rejected the reasonable person standard, we expect that it will become more difficult to protect victims of abuse from threats. However, we remain hopeful that the Third Circuit, to which the case has now been remanded, will articulate a clear mens rea standard — perhaps including a finding that the statute is satisfied if the behavior at issue was reckless.

Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Break Their Silence In First Interview Following Child Molestation Scandal: On Wednesday, “19 Kids and Counting” stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar broke their silence for the first time since their oldest son Josh admitted that he molested five underage girls, including his sisters Jessa and Jill. The Duggar parents additionally admitted to keeping the matter from police.
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