Violence Free Colorado now posts this weekly news update containing a few news stories from Colorado and beyond featuring issues related to gender-based violence. By presenting highlights from the week’s news in this format, we hope to make it easier to keep up with the news stories from around the country AND increase media literacy. “What is media literacy?,” you ask. Great question! Check out this handy resource or visit Violence Free Colorado’s media literacy page.


One Woman’s Take on ‘Deflate-gate’ (Opinion): “Being told that a slightly deflated football is a greater offense than domestic violence is problematic to me, and the NFL should really start caring about what’s problematic to its female fans.”

Ongoing allegations of domestic violence can be a tangled web: “Colorado’s habitual domestic violence offender law has languished — entirely rejected in some jurisdictions or used only sparingly by prosecutors skeptical of whether it’s worth the trouble and wary of its legal vulnerability.”

Students sue Virginia university after campus feminist group member killed: Members of a feminist group at the University of Mary Washington on Thursday filed a complaint against the school with the US Department of Education, accusing the university of failing to adequately prevent and respond to gender-based harassment.