Introduced last month, Violence Free Colorado will now post a weekly news update containing a few news stories from Colorado and beyond featuring issues related to gender-based violence. By presenting highlights from the week’s news in this format, we hope to make it easier to keep up with the news stories from around the country AND increase media literacy.  “What is media literacy?,” you ask. Great question! Check out this handy resource or visit Violence Free Colorado’s media literacy page.


Steelers’ William Gay on Losing His Mother to Domestic Violence: ‘I Started Seeing Evil’: Despite all the success he’s found on the field, Gay says his best work is done behind the scenes. For years, he has quietly visited the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, where he speaks to victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Police body cameras are newest tool against domestic violence: Body cameras worn by police officers record the fear, the blood and the bruises immediately following an assault, and let jurors witness the chaos officers encounter when they arrive at a domestic violence scene.
Violence Free Colorado says, “We agree with the concerns voiced by DV advocates in this article. Additionally, what happens when a victim doesn’t respond the way juries/the public/the police/those who don’t understand the dynamics of DV think they should respond? The footage that is intended to help them could do just the opposite.”